Our Team

Team Hillenglade would not be complete without out four-legged team members!

16.3hands, 14-yr-old horse

Formerly known as “Little Man”, he is the last horse I bred in my line of show horses. Truth is, we all adore Handsome here at Hillenglade, and I now accept him as my all-time equine partner. He had an accident as a 4-yr-old, and since then, has been petrified of jumping. Handsome is a fantastic, fanciful horse with a compelling personality. When he’s not horsing around with the girls in our HHH Volunteer Program, he’s performing off-line Exhibitions here at Hillenglade during our Family Military Days. He loves all the attention! He has finally found his niche in life…what fun! Yes, Little Man is here to stay! -Jen



15.1 hands 22-yr-old Quarter Horse

Dandy-lion is a registered Palomino, and is quite the Dandy-handsome guy. (Trigger comes to mind when you first meet him!) Dandy-Lion’s story was brought to my attention after we lost Mr. Higgins in July, 2014, and we’re happy to have Dandy join our furry-friends here at Hillenglade. This horse was bottle-fed-raised by Sharon (one of our newest HHH Team Members). She sold him when he was 14 years old, but now they’re reunited on the Hill to make some new memories… Dandy-Lion is just perfect to host our older kids and ladies during our HHH Gatherings! -Jen



Creme Brulee

Our newest addition to Team Hillenglade. More information to come.



10 hands 8-year-old pony

I bought Jack from a lady who gives pony rides at parties, but Jack was too little for the harness; he needed to find another job. Jack is the kindest, most patient pony I’ve ever met. He’s our poster-pony for personality and patience. He’s also the subject of envy; just check out his blue eyes and long mane…What a head of hair! Jack has come full circle and is happy to give the little kids at our HHH Gatherings a ride around the tree in a small pen built just for his size! -Jen



Ethel & Lucy
10 hands, 3 year old donkeyettes

Ethel was donated to Hillenglade, and Lucy was purchased to be Ethel’s buddy. They are both the most adorable, amazing little furry things you’ll ever want to meet. My cheeks hurt from laughing so hard at their antics. Now that Jack has his personal pony-ride-round-pen, the Donkey-ettes are going to take over being our furry canvas for everyone at the HHH Military Family Days to paint, then wash away bad memories! You can recognize which one is Ethel because she has quite an overbite and often looks more like a mini-camel than a donkey. -Jen



Sister Sara
16.1 hands, 23-yr-old Belgium horse

Sister Sara came to us in June 2014. We were told that this Sweet Belgium mare was 12 yrs. old and ready to work in our Program. Once we had the farrier shape up her neglected hooves, we bathed her, had her vetted/vaccinated/wormed, etc., Sister Sara’s prognosis now looks good even though we discovered she was 20-yrs-old, NOT 12. Our motto at Hillenglade is “slow and steady wins the race”. It’s obvious that Sister Sara needed to be here at Hillenglade even more than we needed her kind sweet personality. -Jen



13hands, ??? old

Sissy-Donkey was rescued by our Team of friends at Hillenglade. Sissy lived with a herd of cattle next door to our Hillenglade farm, but when the neighbor died the cattle were taken away leaving Sissy all alone to wander 40 acres of hills. One day she suddenly appeared on our front lawn seeking the company of our donkey-ettes and horses. We managed to get her inside our fences, and after only one week, she was halter broken and all cleaned up. Now, she’s fat and happy and brays whenever she sees anyone coming. Yikes, God is good! -Jen




Ben was adopted from the local pound as a pup. He greets all our guests with his tail wagging while keeping a keen look-out for any left-over-lunch snacks!



Parker & Bailey

Our newest additions to the team! These Great Pyranese puppies are great fun!



Gone But Not Forgotten

Mr. Higgins

We sure miss Mr. Higgins at our Hillenglade Gatherings.


Gracie girl was a special rescue & will never be forgotten…


Brulette was a true blessing.


We truly miss our little "Black Beauty".