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About Us

Among military service members and veterans, rates of PTSD are close to 40% and can manifest in poor family relationships, divorce, income instability and suicidal thoughts. In fact, every 65 minutes, a veteran’s life ends by suicide. But equine-assisted therapy can provide the hope and healing that positively impacts and helps restore the lives of these brave heroes. For the past 40 years, beyond the standard medical approach, equine-assisted therapy has been proven to effectively aid and reduce symptoms in individuals suffering with PTSD. According to the National Institute of Health, participants of equine-assisted programs have reported reduced anxiety and depression symptoms, along with elevated self-esteem and self-awareness, improved daily functioning, communication, and trust, in addition to increased overall well-being.

Horse arenaAdministrative leaders, equine-assisted program experts, certified horse handlers, and a caring group of volunteers make up the Hope & Healing at Hillenglade team.

With more than 25 of our service members and veterans being lost to suicide each day, we know the need is great to help them reclaim their lives and get back on their feet. Please join us in support of their journey towards healing and recovery.

A Message from our Founder – Jen

Jennifer O'NeilAs we all know, especially since Covid, stress-related issues are running rampant among the general population. The truth is, very few in the private sector have side-stepped the ongoing destructive aspects of isolation, depression, loss, confusion, anger, failing communication skills and TRUST.​

Exhibited by our program’s graduates through the years, our HHH Curriculum exponentially moves those interested in being armed with the tools necessary to succeed in life… Yes, it’s time to tackle core issues all too often allowed to hold us back from our BEST – not only for ourselves, but for our loved-ones as well.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is NOT exclusive to Military and First Responders. At such a time as this, most of us are grappling with some personal and pragmatic questions, while trying to establish solid footing and morals in light of society’s “New Normal.”

I need to be here – How about you?


xoxo Grace and Peace, Je