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Equine Sessions for the General Public

A Message from our Founder – “Jen”

As we all know, especially since Covid, stress-related issues are running rampant among the general population. The truth is, very few in the private sector have side-stepped the ongoing destructive aspects of isolation, depression, loss, confusion, anger, failing communication skills and TRUST. Exhibited by our program’s success over the years, our HHH Curriculum has armed our graduates with the tools necessary to succeed in life… It’s time to tackle core issues that hold all of us back from our BEST – not only for ourselves, but for our loved-ones as well. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is NOT exclusive to Military and First Responders. At such a time as this, most of us are grappling with some personal and pragmatic questions, while trying to establish solid footing and morals in light of society’s “New Normal.”
xoxo Grace and Peace, Jen



The Hope & Healing at Hillenglade equine-assisted programs have been shown to help alleviate anxiety and symptoms of depression while building greater self-esteem. Our programs include individual and/or group sessions guided by our HHH Certified Leader and Horse Handlers.
(Personal Certified Counselors are welcome if requested.)


Qualifications for Equine-Assisted Sessions


Prior knowledge of horses is NOT required to benefit from our Hope & Healing at Hillenglade Sessions. Ours is not riding program, but rather we focus on working with the horses from the ground. The only necessary requirements to participate in our equine-assisted sessions are to arrive with the correct wardrobe (closed-toe shoes or boots and appropriate outerwear and hats) and to have the physical ability to safely move around the pen while working with the horses. We expect all who participate to be fully attentive to ensure the safety in the pen.
Our objective with the horses is to generate healthy relationships, trust, communication, focus and hope. Embracing a genuine desire to improve and conquer personal issues means participants will fully experience the joy and relaxation the comes naturally by spending time with the horses.



Curriculum Includes:


Horse Grooming and Haltering

Working Horses in the Round Pen

Getting to Know and Read Horses

HHH Exercises and Purposes


Equine-Assisted Sessions


Healthy Relationships

Personal Confidence



Equine-Assisted Sessions







Equine-Assisted Sessions


A note of encouragement: Our goal with the horses is to generate healthy relationships, trust, communication, focus, AND HOPE. Becoming “ONE” with the horse is obtained through mutual respect and compassionate, trustworthy leadership which will ultimately improve one’s “personal coping skills” as well as “advancing their people skills.” A happy, healthy, fruitful future is waiting for all.


​(100% of these payments go directly into our “Non-profit” 501(c)3 efforts)


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