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HHH Harvest Program


The HHH Harvest Program offers 100% sponsorship (valued at $14,000 per individual for our 2-month course) for either (2) men or (2) women (or married couple) at a time. These individuals will live on-site in a Hillenglade Farm’s suite (15 min from Nashville) while completing the HHH Equine—Assisted Sessions and Program for their personal wellness and growth. Also, during that time, they will be professionally trained to become an HHH Certified Curriculum Graduate, either as an Equine Session “Leader” and/or Equine “Handler” – with employment level expertise in barn/horse management groom and care.

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Upon graduation, our certified participants will be assisted by HHH to find employment: Either in a position to TRAIN other owners and their staff, or to run our HHH Programs at qualified Equine Farms or Ranches across the Country… This is how we will grow our HHH impact and reach while empowering horse owners in the private sector who want to support our National Heroes and their families with the THERAPEUTIC WONDER OF HORSES.


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