Our Team

Hillenglade's Four-legged Members!

16.2 Hands
Dutch Warmblood

Handsome is a fantastic, fanciful Warmblood horse that is the last horse that I’ve bred - with a compelling and large personality. When Handsome is not horsing- around with our farm girls, he is working hard during our Equine-Assisted Therapy sessions or performing "At Liberty" during our larger events at Hillenglade. He
absolutely loves all the attention! HE’S SUCH A SHOW-OFF!


Mr. Whiskey
15.2 Hands

Mr. Whiskey is a VERY loving spotted-mountain horse that was graciously donated to us. He is overcoming fears - daily, and is learning the joys of having trust in friends. Having been here for over a year, Mr. Whiskey is most everyone’s favorite.



Ethel & Lucy

Donkeyette Ethel was donated to Hillenglade, and Lucy was purchased to be Ethel’s buddy. They are both the most adorable, little furry things you’ll ever want to meet. Our cheeks hurt from laughing so hard at their antics. The Donkeyettes are our furry canvases for everyone at the Hillenglade Military Family Days to paint, then wash away bad memories! And now we’re moving the little donkeys to work “In the Pen,” and they LOVE it! TOO CUTE!


13 hands - Donkey

Sissy-Donkey was rescued by our Team of friends at Hillenglade. Sissy had lived with a herd of cattle next door to our Hillenglade farm, but when the neighbor died, the cattle were taken away leaving Sissy all alone to wander 40 acres of hills. I left food out and looked for her for over a year! … And then one day, Ms. Sissy-Donkey suddenly appeared on our front lawn seeking the company of our donkeyettes and horses. Yikes, God is good! … Ms. Sissy is the sweetest “cookie-eater” of all …
Very delicate!



JB 15.1 Hands

Sweet JB, short for “June Bug,” was a donation to the farm and was hailed all the way from West Virginia to join our Team. JB is recognizable by her striking golden coat and beautiful white mane and tail. Her personable nature makes her extremely willing in the round-pen and approachable when our guests learn about horsemanship. She is a treasure: sweet and true!


MVP (AKA "Bunny")
16.3 Hands

MVP (Most Valuable Player) is a Dutch Warmblood “Speed” Jumper who started his awesome career in Europe. He then was bought by Stacy from N.J., and partnered with Stacy’s daughter in the show ring until she went to college. MVP’s barn name is “Bunny” because he was well known to jump a 2-stride in-and-out in ONE stride. “Bunny” has relaxed from the hectic horse-show-ring life, and LOVES his new more relaxed job here at the farm helping our Heroes! HE’S A SUPER-STAR!



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Gone But Not Forgotten

Mr. Higgins

We sure miss Mr. Higgins at our Hillenglade Gatherings.


Gracie girl was a special rescue & will never be forgotten…


Brulette was a true blessing.


We miss our little "Black Beauty".


Ben was adopted from the local pound as a pup, and he used to greet all our guests with a tail wag and a roll-over. He is sorely missed.

Sister Sara

Sister Sara came to us as a rescue in 2014 and put on over 300 pounds while she was at the farm. She was a treasure.


Boo came to us on his own and became a part of the family!


Mandy was a stray who found her way to Hillenglade and was never happier.